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I've been in the business of skin for 20 years now and every day I learn something new. It's a challenge to keep up sometimes but one I embrace. I will look at all I know and choose carefully for you in order to achieve your desired results. I will always strive to go above and beyond your expectations to provide you with the utmost in skin care and waxing services and products.


Choose from three different  professional skin care lines; Dermalogica, PCA Skin and Skin Authority. 

Skin Care

Being educated in both skin care and nutrition enables me to treat your skin issues from a whole body perspective, which is crucial to your treatments since your skin is your body's largest organ. What's my number one recommendation?



It will heal and rejuvenate you: mind, body, skin and soul.


Monthly deals and product discounts are not available at this time. Please refer to promo emails for updates.



I began 20 years ago in Las Vegas specializing in the art of full body waxing for both ladies and gents. I've accumulated piles of trade secrets, techniques and experience in the finest salons and day spas, so you can bet on a quick and professional waxing session, with less pain and superior results.

I use all organic wax products and both hard and strip wax customized to your skin and hair type.


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