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wax on wax off

brow sculpting 25

brow maintenance 20

hairline 10

sideburns 10

lip or chin 10

ears or nostrils 10

jawline or cheeks 15

neck (front or back) 20

full face & brows 45

underarms 25+

half arms 30+

full arms 40+

hands & fingers 10

shoulders 25+

upper back 35+

full back 80+

chest 40+

full front torso 80+

areola 10

belly button trail 10

full belly 25+

wide bikini (AKA American or Basic) 35+

tight bikini 50+

(AKA: French, Playboy, Landing Strip or Runway)

bald bikini (AKA Brazilian or Hollywood) 75+

ball wax 25+

world series (bat, balls and dugout) 75+

just the crack 25+

full butt cheeks 25+

uber hairy cheeks 35+

lower legs 50+

upper legs 60+

inner thigh to knees 25+

full legs 100+

feet & toes 15


brow tint 25

lash tint 30

Please note, waxing prices are subject to increase based on length, thickness and time involved in performing service.

Hair must be at least 1/8th of an inch long. If longer, DON'T TRIM IT!

I will, it's free.


If you're new to waxing (or just need some new tricks), read the Wax FAQ's below


New and returning clients:

If you haven't already done so, please complete

and submit a Skin Care & Waxing Consultation Form!

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