Lotus Blossom re.emerges as Herb'n Blossom

At the upcoming Herb’n Blossom Organic Salon and Spa our specialty barbers and stylists will be available at your convenience from 9am to 7pm, 6 days a week. We offer organic and eco-friendly hair care services for a fume free salon environment. We also feature an exclusive Indonesian Cream Bath hair treatment, customized for you with organic whole food ingredients prepared fresh right in front of you.

Our massage and reiki therapists are committed to your physical, emotional and spiritual well being, offering modern and ancient healing therapies from around the world.

Herb’n Blossom’s skin care therapists combine art, science and nature to provide you with exceptional skin care and waxing services. We offer the same eco-friendly, natural Dermalogica products as before... and we’re excited to announce our very own all-organic, non-comedogenic skin care product custom blended for your skin only. The product will feature the Lotus Blossom label, made exclusively for Herb’n Blossom Organic Salon and Spa.

Walk-in are welcome, truly.

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