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LED Light Therapy

A rainbow of healing.

Service Description

What color is for you? RED stimulates collagen production. BLUE kills acne bacteria. GREEN stimulates injured cells and reduces dilated capillaries, also eliminates dark circles under the eyes and sun spots. YELLOW stimulates production of red blood cells, treats abnormal pigmentation (hypo and hyper), improves lymphatic function, and stimulates circulation. PURPLE increases cell regeneration, CYAN is anti-inflammatory and helps soothe and heal irritated skin. WHITE heals acne and rosacea, and even helps mood and sleep.

  • 15 min
  • 60 US dollars


1) Please complete the skin care consultation form prior to your first visit. 2) Remember to confirm your appointment. A confirmation request will be sent to you prior to your scheduled appointment, as well as a reminder . Failure to confirm may result in cancellation and/or forfeiture of your plan/package visit. 3) Parking / Appointment Check-In: There is free parking in the front and back of Vis a Vis Salon, and a huge free parking lot across the street. The lobby is open and masks are not required. Please come in, have a seat and someone will be right with you. We value you as a client and appreciate your patience. We look forward to pampering you on your upcoming visit!

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