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•A restorative mask that introduces healthy bacteria onto the skin, and helps to soothe, hydrate, and purify sensitive and blemish-prone skin.

•Promotes balance by re-establishing healthy flora and mildly exfoliating the skin.

• Key ingredient is Lactobacillus Bulgaricum.

Probiotic Mask™

  • Viable culture base containing non-fat milk, lactose, whey, and L. bulgaricus, 2 billion cfu per gram, Super Strain LB-51 (L. delbrueckii, subspecies bulgaricus). No preservatives or artificial colors and flavors added.

    Some of Epicuren®'s products are manufactured in a facility that uses gluten, non-vegan ingredients, iodine, nuts, kernels, and nut-derived products. Because of this, it is possible that cross- contamination can occur.

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