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Hydrating Duo Kit

Hydrating Duo Kit

$98.00 Regular Price
$59.00Sale Price

We combined our Instant Perfection Peel Pads to jumpstart natural skin hydration and balance oil production with our Beauty Infusion™ for Hydrating to reduce the appearance of fine lines and make skin more hydrated and smooth. It is the perfect DUO for winter skin. 

Instant Perfection Peel Pads, 2.2 fl oz / 50 pads. These pads contain glycolic acid derived from sugar cane to help balance oil production and improve moisture retention for a soft, smooth feel all winter. 

Beauty Infusion™ Quinoa & Avocado for Hydrating, 1.0 fl oz. This infusion concentrates the power of quinoa protein and avocado oil to reduce the appearance of fine lines and make skin feel more hydrated and smooth. Both of these products use no parabens, dyes, added fragrance, or cruelty to animals to achieve their results. 

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