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(30+ minutes)

little lotus signature 60*

PCA Skin® or Dermalogica Pro Power Peel® consultation 90

(includes treatment kit)

corrective chemical peel 140

(first peel includes post-peel treatment kit)

(60+ minutes)

luscious lotus signature 120

oxygenating trio 210

4% pure retinol peel 260

(90+ minutes)

acne clear 210 (2 hours min.)

zero gravity 250

microneedling 350


(+5 to 15 minutes)

lip plump 20

eye lift 20

calm oat milk masque 20

nourish chocolate masque 25

detox gel deep pore treatment 30

NEW enzymatic treatment 30

advanced treatment booster 30

(+30 minutes)

exfoliant accelerator 50

multivitamin power exfoliant 55

revitalize papaya peel 55

retexturize pumpkin peel 55

clarify salicylic acid peel 55

oxygenating trio 55

oxygen treatment 60

LED light therapy 60

microdermabrasion 60

mico.current lift 60

thermal RF lift 60

facial massage upgrade 70

zero gravity 75

PCA® peel add on (3 layers) 80

additional PCA® peel layer each 10

(+60 minutes)

skin detox acne clear 90*

*This add on is for package deals or

full priced 60+ minute facials. Cannot add

to Little Lotus or other mini's.



(30+ minutes)

paraffin hand treatment 25

bikini peel 30

bikini groom and soothe 65

(60+ minutes)

back facial 95

Skin Care & Waxing Consultation Form
Complete this form prior to your first visit. 

Peel Consent Form

Complete this form if you think you might like a corrective chemical peel

or other peel treatment (including bikini). 

Microneedling Consent Form

Complete this form if you're interested in a microneedling treatment

(AKA collagen induction therapy). 

Facial FAQ's

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