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Love Lotus Blossom?

Join the club.

If you know you love us and you know you'll be back for more, join the Lotus Blossom VIP Club for upfront savings and VIP benefits.


How do you join?

Simply purchase one of the following Lotus VIP packages one time (or more, if and when YOU choose) and BLING, you're a VIP! This is not a reoccurring membership where you're obligated to sign on for a year or more. No monthly debits from your bank account. No annual dues or hidden charges. No cancellation fees. You pay upfront one time and then use your pre-paid credit toward ANY service on the menu. You can also use it to send e-gift certificates to friends and family!

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What are the benefits?

Besides the awesome savings, VIP's get preferred booking status once the COVD-19 closure is lifted. That means no waiting "in line!" Say you have only one day in the week that you can make it and the only time available online doesn't work for you. Text us and we will fit you in. VIP's can also request before and after hour appointments. Need an 8am facial? You're in. Need a last minute Brazilian at 7pm? You got it! VIP's can also get in on normal closure days and holidays (except December 25). Say it's Sunday and you're departing for a tropical vacation on Monday morning and realize you forgot to get your back waxed. OMG! No worries, text us and you're in.

How does it work?

When you purchase the VIP package (either online or in person), a "gift certificate" will be emailed to you showing the specified amount in your account, i.e., you paid $250, your gift certificate shows $300. Once purchased, the value does not expire. You can use it all in one week or hold out for a year or more! In essence, you have a pre-paid account that you can use any time toward any service on the menu. It saves you the hassle of the checkout process too. Once you're done, you can get up and go! 

What are points?
Points are a reward you receive every time you purchase services or products at Lotus Blossom. Say you pay $100 for a facial. You automatically receive 10 points. With packages, the points are accumulated as you use the money in your account. So once you've used all $300, your account is credited 30 points. (Points = Dollars.  30 points = $30).​ Points can be used to pay for any service or products. Services are equal to the points, products are double points i.e., a $100 facial service costs 100 points, a $50 moisturizer cost 100 points. What if you only have 60 points? Then you'll have to save up 40 more points since you need the full amount of points per service or product. Most people like to save their points up for services, but points are awesome when you really need that cleanser and your bank account is in the red!

What can I buy with my credit?

Your credit amount is good for services only, for you or anyone else you use. Anyone? Yes! You can use it to send e-gift certificates to friends or family. Even easier, just let us know that your friend is booked for a service and you want to pay for it. The amount comes out of your credits and you don't have to come in to pay, give your credit card over the phone or shop online. Simple!


You can't use it to purchase products, other pre-discounted packages, special offers or promotional deals. However, if you purchased a different promotional deal, you can use both at the same time, i.e., you bought a package of 3 mini facials at a discount. Book that mini facial and use your credits to pay for an add on peel or oxygen treatment.   

Click "Buy Now" to select your package (above).


Terms And Conditions:​

  • Value is good for services only.

  • Cannot be used to purchase products, pre-discounted packages, special offers or other promotional deals.

  • Full service price is deducted from prepaid credits at time of service. 

  • Due to the extraordinary value, refunds are not available. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • Same day cancellations and no call/no show visits will be deducted from your credits. Visits can be rescheduled same day online without deductions. If you're unable to do so, you must text Angelicia at 310-867-4692.