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Time is the only capital than any human being has, and the only thing he can't afford to loose.

~Thomas Edison

It's true, time is money.

And it's difficult to use money to buy time (Chinese Proverb). That is, unless you book an appointment at Lotus Blossom.


Why do we need you to confirm your appointment?

When you schedule an appointment with us, we block out a slot of time just for you. It's yours. and no one else can have it. In essence, you've reserved that slot and made a promise to pay for it later. We're counting on you to show up. But there's a lot of other people that want your time slot. We have a wait list with people hoping that you won't show up. So when something comes up and you just can't make it, let us know so that we can offer it to one of those poor souls just waiting on the edge of their seat. 


How do I confirm my appointment?

When you book an appointment online you will immediately receive your appointment details via email and/or text message. (You select how you want to receive this information when you create an account.) Here's the message you receive: 


"Thank you for scheduling. Looking forward to your visit. Click Here to view your appointments, reschedule, and update your profile. Even if you made the appointment over the phone."

We have a groovy booking system that sends a confirmation request two days (48-hours) prior to your scheduled appointment date and time. It also sends you a reminder one day (8 hours) before your appointment. If your appointment is still not confirmed the night before, every effort will be made to reach y

ou to confirm it.

  • If I can't reach you, your appointment block will be released and given to the first person on the cancellation list for that day. So make sure your contact information is up to date, especially your cell number! 

  • If you have a pre-paid visit (Facial Package / Promotional Deal) and you no-show or fail to confirm and we can't reach you, you forfeit that visit. 

What if I need to cancel or reschedule my appointment?

It's okay! Lotus Blossom is super busy and we know that sometimes things can happen! It's usually easy for us to fill your spot so you don't have to worry about annoying us, as long as we have enough notice! We have a waiting list and can usually fill it even if you cancel the night before your scheduled service. You can cancel or reschedule your appointment online up to 8 hours prior. If you are unable to do so, text or call the office at 971-361-6137. 

  • Please be aware, if you have a Groupon and you "no-show" for your appointment, your voucher will be redeemed immediately. You can still reschedule and your voucher will be honored, however, if you no-show the second time around, you lose your voucher and will not receive a refund. Any future appointments will be charged at full price. For all clients, 2 no-shows will result in deposits for future services. You will be asked for a credit card payment up front (equal to the service cost) to secure your appointment.  

What if I can't find an available appointment for weeks out?

It's best to book your appointment in advance, if possible, since we fill up so fast. Most clients schedule their next service before or soon after leaving Lotus Blossom. Clients reschedule daily and often, since it's so easy to do online, so you can check back often for schedule changes. If you're desperate to get in sooner than what's available online, schedule your second choice further out and then send a text message or call our office at 971-361-6137 to be added to the cancellation list, specifying the day and timeframe you're looking for. We'll notify you right away if your sought after spot opens up!


Remember, the easier you make it for us, the likelier you are to get the appointment you want. The absolute best way to get on the schedule is by booking your appointment online.  If you need your login info emailed to you, or have other difficulties or questions, call our office at 971-361-6137.

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